Flamingo International Challenge

One Loft Pigeon Race

The option series will pay on the 325 mile race only. Entry is 100.00 per bird due with the race entry fee. It will be a separate pay-out for the birds entered in the Option

​​!!!325 mile race is scheduled for Tuesday Dec.5!!!

​Weather Permitting 

Race dates and pay-outs for the first 2 races are up on the Dates and Pay-outs page.

​Pay-out for the 325 and Average speed is based on paid entries.They will be posted before the 325 Release.  Entry payments are due​ after the 225 mile race

                                Pay-Out is now posted for 294 Paid entries

​Pay-Out may Change if Less birds go to the 325 Mile Race

Brooksville, Florida

The Flamingo Loft hasimproved its security. It is called Dutch Shepherd.
These dogs have long been used as Guard Dogs as well as for Police Dogs. They are very strong
and protective of their owners as well as their territory. They are agility masters and can Jump and
Climb very large obstacles. Check out video links below and see for yourself. Jim