The Flamingo Loft hasimproved its security. It is called Dutch Shepherd.
These dogs have long been used as Guard Dogs as well as for Police Dogs. They are very strong
and protective of their owners as well as their territory. They are agility masters and can Jump and
Climb very large obstacles. Check out video links below and see for yourself. Jim


The date of the Flamingo 350 mile race will be MondayNovember 30. The Unit 10 Challenge race is on Tuesday December 1 and the GHC Classic is Friday Dec 4. Thank You

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Flamingo International Challenge

One Loft Pigeon Race

Brooksville, Florida

 The Birds are doing fantastic with the training. We will go 42 miles tomorrow and then 54 miles Wednesday, Thursday and friday. Weather is looking good for those days. We are hoping to do the 100 mile activation toss the first week of november. That gives us 10-14 days to collect activation fees. The 100 activation toss will be from Lake city. That is about 109 miles to the Flamingo. It is the same station GHC uses for their 125 mile race.

Activation fee is 300.00 per bird. Please send asap after the 100 mile toss.

Dont forget that there are 2 options for the 350 mile race. A Silver (100.00) and a Gold(250.00). That money will be due prior to shipping the 350 mile race. Those will each have their own pay-out according to birds entered