225 Mile Race- Saturday Dec.7

325 Mile Race- Saturday Dec.21

The Flamingo Loft hasimproved its security. It is called Dutch Shepherd.
These dogs have long been used as Guard Dogs as well as for Police Dogs. They are very strong
and protective of their owners as well as their territory. They are agility masters and can Jump and
Climb very large obstacles. Check out video links below and see for yourself. Jim


!!! Attention !!!


 225 Mile Race

[The 225 mile race is scheduled for Saturday Dec. 7 with weather permitting The
300.00 entry fee is due for all birds home from the 225 mile race. There is the 100.00 option series as well. (Same as Last year). That will be due with entry money. We will send an email with the amount due after the 225 mile race. Thank You.]

Kind regards,
Jim and John

Flamingo International Challenge

One Loft Pigeon Race

Brooksville, Florida

 The dates listed above are subject to change.

 The Flamingo International Challenge One Loft Pigeon Race is celebrating 19 years of operation, making it one of the oldest one loft racing in North America.
 In 2000, John Gallagher started the Flamingo, encouraged by his good friend and well known auctioneer- Charlie Barbiere who at the time lived in Spring Hill, now is in Red Bank, N.J. & his many other friends and family. The loft is located it in Brooksville, FL adjacent to Gulf Coast Racing Pigeon Club affectionately referred to as “ Little Belgium” because of the concentration of fanciers living and racing in the Spring Hill area.
 John’s hard work and determination in conjunction with Florida’s subtropical climate and approximate to 200 racing lofts quickly set the Flamingo apart from all the other one loft races offered in the United States.
 As the years ticked away, the of participants grew and grew even drawing international attention and participants; something that many one loft organizers desire but struggle achieving.
 The Flamingo’s success has been based off of hard work, offering a competitive race series and opportunities to win more than just one “big splash” prize.
 In 2019, the race series starts with a 125 mile , a 225 mile race  and the grand finally 325 mile race 
 The Flamingo is one of the most affordable one loft races today. Perch fees are $100 per bird or 6 birds for $500 with entry fee of $300 due after the 100 training toss for 2020.
 he race loft which is 100 feet long is ideally located on five fenced acres and utilizes the latest closed circuit video security systems which is monitored by Jim Milligan, the very capably loft manager.
 Together, John and Jim have done what very few said could be done, to start and run a world class one loft race that they would be proud of - 19 years later, they both can say they’ve achieved their shared goal.
 To learn more about the Flamingo International Challenge One Loft Pigeon Race, please visit www.FlamingoOIC.com    Drew Lesofski