Flamingo International Challenge

One Loft Pigeon Race

                                                                               Flamingo International Challenge Rules & Regulations
                                                                     Note: All Decisions Made By The Directors Are Final And Binding!      
                                                                                       Race Rules    Updated * May 19, 2020*
The  Flamingo International Challenge will be a series of 3 races to one loft.
The Directors reserve the right to shorten any of the 3-races depending on weather conditions.
The 3 races consist of 150 miles - 250- miles and 350 miles.
The 150 and 250 mile race will be paid in clocking position. The 350 Race will pay the first drop and clocking position after that.
 If in the event that not enough birds clock to fill the points, the directors reserve the right to extend the race in 12 hr. intervals until the points are exhausted.
The Average Speed awards  are based on average speed   per individual bird over all 3 races. The bird must complete all 3 races to win the Average Speed Awards.
NOTE: Race dates for the 150 mile  and 250 mile will be announced later and posted on our web-site.
The bird with the highest credits in the 350 mile race breaks a tie.
Capital prizes will be awarded 14-28 days after the completion of the 350 Mile race.
The Flamingo I.C. will  retain   15 percent for race expenses.
100.00 perch fee per bird or 6 birds for 500. 00. No Exceptions. No limit on amount of entries. 
We will receive birds from February 15th till July 1st. We may reach loft capacity before July 1st. so send In your perch fee early to guarantee a perch. PLEASE send your perch fee and Birds to....
  Jim Milligan c/o Flamingo I.C. 11350 Sunshine Grove Road Brooksville, Fl. 34614   352-279-0671
All birds will be vaccinated for P.M.V. upon arrival and a Flamingo I.C. band will be placed on the bird.
All birds will be placed under quarantine before it will be allowed
into the main loft. The birds will be wormed and poxxed.  

The Flamingo I.C. will train your birds to 100-miles and then entry money will be due. The birds still in the loft after the 100 mile training toss will have to be activated. These birds are to be activated for 300.00 per bird. You must activate all of your birds.
Any paid (Entry) bird that does not make the 350 race will have a credit toward next years perch fee.
* If you do not activate your birds by the dead-line stated in the letter The Flamingo I.C. will own the rights to your bird/birds and will sell your bird/birds.  If the bird/birds are not sold to anyone the bird/birds will be eliminated from the competition.
Purchaser must be and AU or IF member etc.

The 1st. Red colored pigeon and 1st. White colored pigeon in the 350 mile race will win 1000.00

Red Colored = Red, Silver, Chocolate  (No Dunns or Slates )

White Colored = Whites and Grizzles ( No splashes or Pieds )

Participants should visit our web-site (www.flamingoic.com) for inventory reports and updates on our race. The Flamingo I.C. will post training reports at the time that training starts.(After 10 miles)
The Benzing “M-1” Electric Timer will be used with Win Companion .
All birds will remain the property of the breeder if they are activated. After competition if you desire to have your remaining birds shipped back, You must let Jim Milligan know in advance and send a 70.00 check made payable to the Flamingo I.C. This will cover shipping and handling of 2-birds only. In case there are more than 2-birds you must send another $20.00 for each additional bird. Arrangements must be made to have your birds returned by January 1st.  By email or Mailed letter or they become property of the Flamingo I.C.  Send check to....Flamingo I.C. c/o Jim Milligan 11350 Sunshine Grove Rd. Brooksville, Florida 34614
Affective January 1, 2011 1099 Forms will be issued to points winners of 600.00 or more.
  Directors make the final decision.